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Not Just American Officials, Israelis Too Worked with Nazis after the War

November 8th, 2014

A new book about U.S. recruitment and protection of German Nazis after the war has just come out that revealed that over 1,000 Nazis were helped by U.S. officials.  Yet unbelievably Zionist and later Israeli officials did the same thing.  Hear this interview journalist Shraga Elam.  He's an Israeli and Swiss citizen.   We talk about top Nazis who Israeli government officials worked with despite their record of killing Jews.

For more about the Nazi monster Rauff who we talk about in the interview read Elam's article in Ha'aretz "In the Service of the State"   Also see The Van Harten Affair - Ha'aretz 2000  and  A short article about the Eichmann trial and the protection of Nazi criminals