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In Just Weeks Jordan Appeal Court will Rule on Amer Jubran 10 Year Sentence

October 8th, 2015

Palestinian-Jordanian activist Amer Jubran was sentenced to 10 years at hard labor based on a law that wasn't even on the books until after he was arrested and confessions that he said he signed after torture.  An appeal has been lodged and it may be decided up on the next couple of weeks. Interview with Marta Rodriques a member of his defense committee, who knew Amer when he did Palestine work in the northeast U.S. Stanley Heller is the interviewer.

You can hear Amer Jubran speaking on an audio of a phone call from prison from Aug. 2, 2015 speaking about his conviction. Click here
The defense committee is here on Facebook
and at this site
Here's a link to a page on "The Struggle" website with email addresses for officials in Jordan that should be contacted.  Finally TV program #608 of "The Struggle" features video of a protest for Amer in London.