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After Years of Israeli Destruction in Gaza Things Have Not Improved

February 25th, 2015

Interview with Fida Qishta filmmaker and camera operator of "Where Shall the Birds Fly?" a look at what the Israeli military has done to Palestinians in Gaza from the bulldozing of her own home to the massive destruction of the 21008-2009 attack.  We talk about what got her involved in video, what happened the day her family's Rafah home was destroyed, her work with international volunteers, Dec. 27, 2008 and what the attack was like in Rafah, the Samouni family that lost 21 members and we touch on the 2014 attack which toll a terrible toll on many of Qishta's cousins.  Qishta is now in the U.S. She has been accepted for a program at the New York Film Academy and is using crowd source funding to get the tuition.  See